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CamelBak HAWG
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CamelBak HAWG

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The CamelBak HAWG - 100 OZ/3.0L  is the FAVORITE of the
US Navy SEALS. Well, that's good enough for us, below are just some reasons why.
-Velcro nametag attachments
-All size ASIPS antennae ports
-Small gear bottom pocket
-1100 CU IN stowage
-Neoprene water insulation   -OMEGA Reserevor, for easy fill & Cleans
-Molle attachment points
-Sternum Strap, stowable waistbelt
-Empty Reservoir – 2.60 lbs (1.18 kg)
-Filled Reservoir – 8.85 lbs (4.01 kg)
-Suspension Harness for load stability


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