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Kabuur Radar 6403 Thunder USP/P8
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Kabuur Radar 6403 Thunder USP/P8

Hind: 202.80 €

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Radar 6403 is a holster for both routine and special operations and is ideal for being worn visibly on a uniform, with 3 weapon retention levels. The holster is thermo-moulded to the fit the weapon to be carried.
A double safety which does not however limit either the speed of draw or re-holstering: by pressing with the thumb of one only hand, it is in fact possible to release the device and rotate the cap horizontally to free the gun; with a single action on the same axis of movement, it is therefore possible to instinctively release and also draw the weapon.
Re-holstering is just as simple, because the holster remains totally open. To replace the weapon safely, it is in fact sufficient to move the cap back with a rapid hand movement, without the need to look at the holster.

- Suitable for H&K USP P8 righthand
- Weight: 540 g

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