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NiteIze Figure 9 karabiin suur must
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NiteIze Figure 9 karabiin suur must

Hind: 12.99 €

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The Nite Ize Figure 9 Small is a smart alternative to complicated cam-locking devices or bungee cords. It makes tightening any line a stress-free task. From hanging a hammock over a campsite to tying down trunk lids, this handy tool handles small tie-down jobs quickly and keeps the tension where you need it. Loop your rope through its strategically designed prongs, pull it tight, and it stays that way.
The carabiner version offers three attachment methods for ultimate versatility. 
Laser engraved instructions ensure ease in operation.

- Fits rope diameters from 3 - 9 mm
- Gate width: 19 mm
- Weight rating: 67,5 kg
- Material: Aluminium
- Dimensions: 72 x 112 x 9,5 mm
- Weight: 57 g
- Attention: Not for climbing.

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