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AKtiivklapid Peltor Sport Tac
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AKtiivklapid Peltor Sport Tac

Hind: 221.00 €

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Specially designed for hunters and target shooters is the Peltor Hearing Protector Sport Tac. It is an intelligent hearing protector with digital technology. The new electronic system reacts with lightning speed and protects your hearing reliably from loud impulse noises.
Its modern design in combination with the shape and texture of the attenuation cushions ensure the maximum of comfort even while wearing it for a longer time.
The model Sport Tac can be folded to stow it space-saving. A speacial feature is the J22 audio input for an easy connection to a radio or dog tracer.
The volume is adjustable and the set includes one pair of spare ear-shells.
The hearing protector operates up to 600 hours with 2 AAA batteries .

- Weight: 318 g
- Db SNR = 26, H = 29 dB, M = 26 dB, L = 14 db


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