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Kuulmiskaitsmed Peltor Bull's Eye III
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Kuulmiskaitsmed Peltor Bull's Eye III

Hind: 49.00 €

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The model Peltor Bull' s Eye III is a hearing protector with a very high absorption for extreme noise exposure, or when the concentration should not be disturbed through ambient noises.
The double case technology minimizes resonance in the cap and therefore assures an optimal absorption of high frequencies.
The spaces behind the cap and between the cap casing are connected with each other, a construction, that allows the highest possible absorption of low frequencies. Broad, comfortable, with soft foam filled sealing rings allow a perfect fit and a low pressure.

- Weight: 285 g
- SNR = 35 dB, H = 40 dB, M = 32 dB, L = 23 dB


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