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Amazonas Hammock Mosquito Traveler oliiv
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Amazonas Hammock Mosquito Traveler oliiv

Hind: 89.00 €

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The Hammock Mosquito Traveler is a low weight hammock with an integrated mosquito net. The net not only keeps annoying insects away, it also protects against falling leaves and has a small inner pocket (for example for the watch, glasses etc.). The entrance to the net is provided with a zipper. A flexible guy rope holds the net at a certain distance from the body. The welded and buttonhole-stitched eyelets increase the load capacity and thus guarantee the greatest possible safety.

- Material: 100% Nylon Ripstop 210 den
- Lying surface: 220 cm x 140 cm
- Total length: 350 cm
- Load capacity: max. 150 kg


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