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Amazonas Hammock Mosquito Traveler Pro
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Amazonas Hammock Mosquito Traveler Pro

Hind: 61.00 €

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The Mosquito Traveler Pro is an impregnated hammock with a mosquito net. It protects from annoying mosquitoes and other unwanted pests at night and uses a harmless, skin-friendly, heat-resistant and odorless impregnation that withstands up to 50 washes. The small pack size and the large lying surface make it a top hammock that should not be missing on any camping trip or even in the garden at home.

- Extra stable and breathable fabric surface

- Lying surface: 220 cm x 140 cm (LxW)
- Total length: 350 cm

- Material: 100% Nylon ripstop (210 den)
- Load capacity: max. 150 kg


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