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Amazonas Hammock Mosquito Traveler Thermo
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Amazonas Hammock Mosquito Traveler Thermo

Hind: 91.00 €

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The ultra-light Mosquito Traveler Thermo Hammock is designed with an impregnated mosquito net. This prevents by its effective impregnation and its design any intrusion of insects or other critters. The tension of the net adds to this security again and effectively prevents the contact between the skin and the net. The special feature of the Thermo version however is the built-in compartment for a passing mattress (not included), which can provide also effective protection against the cold. The small pack size and the enormous load capacity of up to 200 kg make the Mosquito Traveler Thermo an allrounder under the hammocks and a must for any outdoor enthusiast.

- Extra stable and breathable fabric surface

- Lying area: 275 cm x 140 cm (LxW)
- Total length: 295 cm

- Material: 100% Nylon ripstop (210 den)
- Load capacity: max. 200 kg


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