Asukoht: Pood AIRSOFT RELVAD MUU Classic .44 magnum revolver

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Classic .44 magnum revolver
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Classic .44 magnum revolver

Hind: 141.60 €

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Gas Injected 6mm BB M629 Airsoft Revolver
Authentic look & finishing by Marushin, Japan
Licensed by Smith & Wesson
Dark Wood Color Type Grip
Realistic Bullet Type housing chamber stores 1x6mm BB each
6 Rounds Cartridge Loading Capacity
X-Cartridge is built from heavy weight metal & shaped by real type cartridge
Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode, Single/Double Action Trigger Design
SSB Asjustable Hop-Up system
ABS Silver Stainless Steel Like Finishing with trademark laser engraving
Excellent craftsmanship from Marushin (Made in Japan) is the best choice of .44 Magnum Collectors


Length : 405mm

Barrel Length : ~235mm

Shooting Mode : Semi-Automatic

Hop-up : Adjustable

Blow Back : NO

Magazine Capacity : 6rounds

Bullet Type : 8mm BB

Power (Muzzle Velocity) : 170fps


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