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Altama saabas lastele
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Altama saabas lastele

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125.28 €
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Altama is our country's supplier of combat boots to our forces. As a result you can expect nothing but the best performance out of these boots as do we. Every pair is unconditionally guaranteed. This Altama Altama Olive Kids Ripple Boot, 8370 like all other Altama Boots is engineered for the rigors of combat. Like all Altama boots they find their origins in design parameters of the military boot. Desert boots come in many styles and names, you will find that not matter what their name Altamas concern for the wearer at the core of their values. From the army desert boot to the common jungle boot Altama boots are never cheap military boots just affordable.

Some outstanding features include:

-Equipped with Speedhook/Eyelet Lacing System
-Ripple Sole -Height 8"
-Cusion mesh insole
-Innersole removable and cushioned
-Padded collar

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